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No fees , No waiting to do your first deal, leads provided, 100% commission plan or 50/50 or salaried positions available...Loan officers available to work for you.. You can get 100% financing for your deals.

Join the Union
As a cooperative you get access to billions of dollars or cooperative buying power to buy though us but best of all you can lend through us also.  We provide the leads, applicants, deal analysis, rehab estimation and valuation, contract, tittle, and closing date. Now you have a partner.. A real partner!

Now you too can be a part of the trillion dollar lending industry. Investing just your time and willingness to locate hard money loan applicants and submit loan packages. Register for our training course on becoming a private and hard money broker.

What is private and hard money broker?
A person that promotes our lenders services and generates loan applications. Our partner lenders do all the underwriting and paperwork so you just offer money to anyone that is buying real estate. 

Why become a private and hard money broker?
The brokers fee to you can range from 1% to 3% of any loan funded through you.  So for a million dollar loan would pay $10,000 to $30,000 dollars.

So don't let anyone tell you that you have to buy a property to make 40k a month.  They lied to you... Our lenders will fund loans from 25k to 25 million!

What to Expect.
  • Leads
  • Marketing support
  • Online training
  • Documents in the cloud
  • Conference calls
  • The opportunity to manage your own team of loan officers recruited and trained by us. 

Get registered
Choose our free program or our guaranteed 4 to 1 ROI program.